Thursday, November 18, 2010


I always offer the following service but I have been thinking lately. Having pneumonia I have more than enough time for thinking. It is much like living in the great London fog of the last century.

With the holidays upon us, should anyone have a question, need a suggestion; I am here for you. I cannot always supply a recipe as they take so long to send to individuals. I am here, however, for any and all questions pertaining to food, drink, potent potables (Jeopardy! anyone?), the history of food, nutrition. OK, OK I could have simply said all of your food and drink questions but it just would not have sounded as Nigella Lawsony. Perhaps you didn't know but I WAS a Butterball Turkey Help Line girl. I spent two years saving over bronzed (yes burned) Thanksgiving turkeys and think that I saved at least one life from a man who wanted to thaw 'ol Tom outside in a plastic garbage bag.........eep.

You can contact me right from here.

Blessed Holidays All!

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