Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Away longer than I thought and a death in the culinary world

Well, I have been away longer than I thought. Okay, so I dumped my fiance, had a few surgeries and my big toe amputated. Onward and upward now!

I just found out that
Alexander “Butch” Lupinetti passed away unexpectedly August 10, 2010 while on vacation with his family in Italy. Going to Italy had been a dream of his that he finally made time for. He was 69 and a personality larger than life. You either loved Butch or........didn't but you'd never forget him. He had a passion for life and BBQ. He won many many awards, loved to play the country bumpkin and was on Throw Down with Bobby Flay and a Throw Down Rematch with Bobby, Delilah Winder, et al. Butch will be missed.

Friday Pet Peeves will begin this Friday August 27, 2010. I have so very many culinary pet peeves that I decided this is the perfect forum for them.